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The west coast of Koh Samui guaranties the most beautiful island sunsets
picture samui  lipa noi beachThe Samui west coast starts at Nathon, which is the capitol of Koh Samui. All the major banks, telephone companies and government offices are located here. although Nathon is quite busy, everything is still done with the typical Thai  laid back attitude. In Nathon you will find a good bargain for your money. Handicrafts, hammocks, dresses and many things you might want to bring back from your Thailand vacation. Car ferries will depart and arrive from the new pier almost every hour to and from the mainland or the neighboring islands.
Nathon is also home to the island's fishing fleet, which supplies the huge number of seafood restaurants on the island. The boats tie up at one of the piers and can be seen most mornings before they head out in the late afternoon or evening for a night's fishing. If you want to sample some of the catch of the day, there are several restaurants at the south end of the seaside promenade.
picture koh samui taling gnam  beach

Pride of place right on the seaside belongs to Sunset Restaurant, where you can indeed watch the sun set into the sea while sampling the reasonably priced seafood dishes. The layout of the town is rather simple. Two piers extend into the sea at the north end of town. A seaside promenade stretches south from the piers. Another road parallels the promenade and the two are connected by a series of small side streets. There's a number of stalls selling cheap beachwear along the side streets, and a large fresh market on the back street. Nathon's piers is also where most of the day trips to Angthong National Marine Park depart. The tour operators will normally pick you up at your hotel and send you back, but you can always skip the free ride home and stay around town for dinner. All the busses to any part of Thailand are leaving from Nathon pier. For those who travel on a budget or for those who really like to see Thailand the busses are a good alternative to see the real country.
picture Tong Yang (Lipa Noi) beach koh samui
Along the beach from Nathon to the south you will find some small resorts, which almost never do any advertising, because they have guests, who are coming for years already. This site of Samui island has hardly changed within the last 6 years as the east and north coast of  Samui is changing dramatically.. At the sandy beaches of the Tong Yang or Lipa Noi beach you will find only a few resorts, all owned by people, determined to keep this last undiscovered beach as natural, but also as convenient as possible to their guests, who are used to a high standard of accommodations, but don't want to miss out on island charm. Tong Yang and Taling Ngam beaches are the perfect place  for a sunset walk, a nice swim in the shallow waters or just sunbathing within a still unspoiled landscape at the white sandy beaches without rocks, corrals and currents.
Some Resorts here at our beach are
                              Kanokburi Samui Resort & Spa     Lipa Lodge Samui Resort   Lipa Lovely Samui Resort   Viva Vacation Resort


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