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March 2013

Dear Guenther.

We are writing to thank you for all that you organized for our wedding day in March this year. The day and night surpassed our wishes and expectations. This was down to the beauty of the location, the hard work of your staff and your attention to detail. I know I'm biased when I say it's the most beautiful wedding I've ever been a part of, but this sentiment was echoed by our 15 guests.

To anyone reading this who is looking to hold a wedding on Koh Samui, let me provide you with some honest reassurances.

 The location on Lipa Noi is absolutely beautiful. It's a very quiet area, which meant that there were no passers by during the ceremony. It's a very clean fine sand beach and the grounds of Lipa Lodge are a lovely backdrop. The sunset view from the beach is completely unobstructed. I honestly doubt we would have found a more ideal spot for the occasion if we'd searched the whole island.

Guenther is very good at what he does. He has a laid back approach, which sometimes made me concerned in the lead up, but there was no need to worry. He demonstrated that he had listened to everything we wanted, followed through on every arrangement and went to lengths to ensure that any special requests were catered for. Guenther also responds honestly and reasonably promptly to the many questions you're sure to want to ask him. I was firing off a question a day at one point, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

Guenther's staff and the staff of Lipa Lodge are all amazing. They work very hard, yet nothing asked of them seemed like too much of an effort. Their constant smiles complimented the environment beautifully.

We selected a few of the Optional Extra available and felt as though they all added a great deal to the day. The percussionists, Thai band, water pouring ceremony, lanterns and firework display could have easily been cheesy, but they were all of a very high standard. 

Our celebrant was a Scottish gentleman named Johnny. He was warm, funny and personable and we frankly couldn't have asked for someone better to preside over our big moment.

Our photographer was a French gentleman named Laurent. If you are lucky enough to have Laurent for your wedding you can be confident that he will capture the day beautifully. He worked very hard and caught some really beautiful shots during and after the ceremony.

The food, table setting for 17 people and reception location were outstanding. We were in Thailand for over 2 weeks and I'm delighted to say that our wedding reception was easily the best meal we had. It was of an extremely high quality and there was more than enough on offer for everyone.

The translation service offered to aid the legalization aspect of the wedding was very straight forward. We just had to spend a day in Bangers before heading down to Koh Samui. Our certificate translated into English arrived last week in the mail, so every aspect of the wedding has officially gone perfectly.

I should say that this is not the setting for an overly formal wedding. It has a more laid back feel, which certainly suited us. If planning far in advance expect original  quoted prices to go up slightly, as things do tend to fluctuate on the islands. Not dramatically though. The listed prices for food and drink on the Lipa Lodge website are also quite out of date and therefore inaccurate, so add a bit to the total when calculating your costs.

In conclusion, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Guenther's service and the Lipa Lodge for your wedding. We honestly had a perfect day.

Greetings from Australia



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