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Samui beach wedding party - August 2010

Dear Guenther,

Thank you for giving Joyce and I, one of the happiest days of our lives. We had the most special day with close friends and Family at Lipa Lodge.
The guests all said the lodge was a little piece of paradise. Even though the weather was against us on the day, the staff all helped to make the day a beautiful one. A "little" rain didn't stop the ceremony from going on. In fact the change of location for the ceremony was amazing overlooking the sea.
The staff were all great and friendly and helped everywhere they could.
Thanks once again for making this day so special. We highly recommend this resort for that special day. We hope to return in the future.

Attached find some of our YOU TUBE memories we took with us..

Shawn Allen and Joyce Lin (Taiwan)

From Guenther: We are not afraid to show even this on our website ( which none of the other wedding planners on Samui will ever do ). Honesty counts for us and things can happen. See Samui weather at: . We always have been lucky, but that was the third really bad weather of about 500 weddings within 10 years. Nobody saw it coming. After a beautiful sunny day it all happened within just 5 minutes before the wedding. Though, according to Thai beliefs they will have lots and lots of children and also lots of money. By the way -- Shawn is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

















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